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Rose collection G. Flowers Hyakka Ryoran And more

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What's New

* RU2260-Rose Collection ~Prima~ (pattern# 11〜18)

It is all so romantic! Roses and the ballerinas dancing together resulting in an exquisite concert of color and movement.

* GF5980-G.Flower ~Beautiful memories~ (pattern# 11〜16)

Reminiscent of a by-gone era this beautiful floral collection features sophisticated color palette and designs. An instant classic.

* TT1910-Tick Tack Fabric ~Piece Work~ (pattern# 11〜13)

A fresh look at your all-time favorite traditional quilt designs. 15 preprinted patterns to mix and match for projects big and small.The beginner to the most experienced quilter will be inspired.

* HR3130-Hyakka Ryoran ~Modern Movement~ (pattern# 11〜16)

This collections flows using our most treasured traditional Japanese motifs. It is Bright, Exciting and Now, all printed with fabulous gold metallic.

* HR3140-Hyakka Ryoran ~Shiki~ (pattern# 11〜17)

A collection reflecting the seasons; featuring flowers, trees and birds, symbols of the 4 seasons in Japan. Printed with Silver Metallic giving a fresh look to the Hyakka Ryoran Collections.


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