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Rose collection G. Flowers Hyakka Ryoran And more

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What's New

* HR3110-Hyakka Ryoran ~Neko~ (pattern# 11,13)

Neko”, Japanese for “cat. Our highly expressive felines presented in traditional Kimno designs & colorways entice youinto their “Neko World”. All printed with brilliant metallic gold.

* RU2270-Rose Collection ~Tea Party~(pattern# 11〜17)

Tea Time! The lovely British custom; a cup of tea in the rose garden. A perfect combination.This delightful collection in pastel colorways and dramatic black ground shade to suit your fancy!

* GF5990-G.Flower ~Misty~(pattern# 11〜15)

See Gentle Flowers in a new dimension. Highly expressive; still sophisticated. Each pattern is an impressionistic painting on fabric. Five bold colorways.

* HR3160-Hyakka Ryoran ~Emaki~ (pattern# 11〜16)

Emaki are the traditional Japanese pictorial scrolls. Collection features a mix of traditional and modern motifs in vibrant modern shades. Printed with Gold Metallic.

* LW1920-Dear Little World ~Margaret&Sophie2~ (pattern# 11〜13)
* LW1921-Dear Little World ~Margaret&Sophie2~ (pattern# 14A)

These cute sisters return in a brand new collection! They will take you through the days of the week as they share their chores and playtime.A border print and panel make this a fun collection for projects big & small.

* LW1930-Dear Little World ~Play Ground~(pattern# 11〜15)

Oh what fun! Children’s playtime and favorite toys. Bright & cheerful and so cute. A delightful collection for children’s clothing, toys, and more.


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