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Mary Rose Collection
Gentle Flowers
Hyakka Ryoran
Dear Little World
Tick Tack Fabric

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What's New

We released our new collection of
CLUTCH BAG by RU2200 Rose Collection and
TOTES BAG by GF5950 G.Flowers at Patterns & Recipes.
Please visit the page and enjoy our bags.

* RU2200-Rose Collection (pattern# 11〜20)

RURU is from a name of a rose species.RURU is attractive to all people by a cute and beautiful figure with some kind of presence.
We named RURU Bouquet to this Rose collection hoping it will be as cute and attractive as RURU Rose.

* RU2210-Rose Collection~W&B~ (pattern# 11〜16)

Prepared simple and classical design combination in White, Off White and Black colors, also in various sizes which should be usuful and give a lot of choices including lining use to quilters.

* GF5950-G. Flowers ~Sand Rose~ (pattern# 11〜16)

Theme is a contrast, depth and harmony of tonal Grey to Black colors agaist a combination of light tones of Ivory like desert sands and Yellowish Beige.

* HR3970-HYAKKA RYORAN ~Peacock~ (pattern# 11〜17)

This is a series of brilliant peacock.Elegance and vivid Gold are the concept.


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