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Rose collection G. Flowers Hyakka Ryoran And more

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What's New

We released our new collection of
CLUTCH BAG by RU2200 Rose Collection and
TOTES BAG by GF5950 G.Flowers at Patterns & Recipes.
Please visit the page and enjoy our bags.

* RU2230-Rose Collection ~Rose Perfume~ (pattern# 11〜20)

Vintage perfume bottles coupled with a delicate profusion of roses. Let the sweet scent of roses engulf your senses with this beautiful collection.

* HR3110-Hyakka Ryoran ~Neko~ (pattern# 11〜15)

Neko, Japanese for “cat” Our highly expressive felines presented in traditional.
Kimono designs & colorways entice you into their “Neko World”.
All printed with brilliant metallic gold.

* RU2220-Rose Collection ~Rose for you~ (pattern# 11〜18)

The inspiration for this collection is gift; for you and your precious one.
Postcards, bouquet of roses, rosebud and laceall so romantic.

* RU2210-Rose Collection ~B&W~ (pattern# 17〜19)

Charming continuation to the first release with 3 new patterns.
Let this collection inspire you;
together, alone or combined with other collections!

* GF5960-G.Flower ~Amethyst&Amber~ (pattern# 11〜18)

This calm, peaceful collection is both cool and warm, like precious stones, in Harmony with nature.

* HR3980-Hyakka Ryoran ~Japanese Gold~ (pattern# 11〜16)

Hyakka Ryoran in Japanese leaf, a collection so simple and elegant, with sakura,wave crest, confetti and more. All printed with metallic gold.

* TT1906-Tick Tack Fabric ~Mushroom World~ (pattern# 11〜14)

From petite to giant it’s a mushroom world! An eclectic gathering of mushrooms And stamp art make this a cheery collection.

* LW1907-Dear Little World ~Pocket Kitten~ (pattern# 11〜13)

Pocket Kitten is your sweetheart nestled with gingham and polka-dots.These kitties are so sweetly expressive you’ll want them all in your pocket.


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