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Mary Rose Collection Various kinds of beautiful & elegant rose motif patterns are the heart of this series. The inspiration for this series comes from antique European designs. These prints are evocative of a sweet European nostalgia and have a gorgeous floral imagery.

RU2380 -Marie

Roses express Marie Antoinette and her brilliant ancient times.Design her favorite shoes and folding fans as her images.
Lovely colors are inspired by her elegant dress.

RU2370 -Roses in Paris

Roses, Paris, and the Eiffel Tower define romance.?
5 lovely colorways with coordinating roses make endless color combinations for all your projects.

Gentle Flowers A really beautiful collection of gentle & calm color designs.
They are natural & soft traditional flower prints to suit every mood.

GF5120 - Lakewood

The delicately etched flowers are so peaceful.Calm and serene in harmony with nature.5 patterns, 5 colorways.

HYAKKA RYORAN This series consists of old & traditional kimono style prints , you can see both very gorgeous komono lines & ,also traditional chic designs which evoke a nostalgic feeling of Japan.

HR3340 - Suzune

Design the beauty of fancy Japanese bells.Fully Inspired by traditional Japanese women°«s clothes,°»Kimono°…

HR3330 - USAGI

With a mix of kawii and tradition our new Usagi Collection will delight.
The happy Usagi (rabbit) dances through time.

HR3320 - Õű Indigo ≠∂

First dyed solid blue, then discharge printed revealing the white design.?
The fabric; a canvas finished to the softest touch.
6 traditional Japanese designs used for centuries, beautiful in their simplicity
°÷Asanoha°◊ Hemp leaf
°÷Mameshibori°◊ Bean straight
°÷Seikaiha°◊ Wave
°÷Yagasuri°◊ Arrows
°÷Kiku°◊ Chrysanthemum
°÷Shima°◊ Stripe

HR3310 - Chiyogami≠∂

Chiyogami is paper printed in traditional Japanese patterns.Chiyogami's vivid patterns and colors will touch your heart.
Printed with Gold metallic. 6 patterns, 5 colorways.

HR3290 - 1000Tsuru≠∂

All new cranes flying high in the sky. Traditional, stunning patterns and colorways. Printed with gold metallic. 5 patterns, 5 colorways.

HR3110 - Neko

More Neko revival! Two new colorways and a fresh new cat with golden cherry blossoms! Purrfect for all your small projects.

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