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Mary Rose Collection Various kinds of beautiful & elegant rose motif patterns are the heart of this series. The inspiration for this series comes from antique European designs. These prints are evocative of a sweet European nostalgia and have a gorgeous floral imagery.

RU2340 -Florette

This petite floral collection is charming.The unique color combinations are elegant, but free-spirted ideally suited for girl°«s clothing and small projects.

RU2330 -Sweet Rose

Like a dear friend our °»Sweet Rose Collection°… offers the familiarity & comfort of your own garden.?
A sweet bouquet of 5 refreshing colorways.

RU2320 -Victorian Rose

Inspired by the Victorian time period featuring deep, rich shades of blue, rose, purple, charcoal and ivory.This collection embodies sophistication.

RU2310 - English Rose Garden

This elegant collections places you in an English garden for afternoon tea. It is light, airy and refreshing.

Gentle Flowers A really beautiful collection of gentle & calm color designs.
They are natural & soft traditional flower prints to suit every mood.

GF5110 - Nature°«s Harmony

Sophisticated designs and the serene color palette create this harmonic classic collection.

HYAKKA RYORAN This series consists of old & traditional kimono style prints , you can see both very gorgeous komono lines & ,also traditional chic designs which evoke a nostalgic feeling of Japan.

HR3270 - Neko 4

What is our °»Neko°… up to now?
Playing with ribbons, marbles and in the rose garden.Up on the roof! Oh Neko!
As always, printed with our fabulous gold metallic.

HR3110 - Neko

More Neko revival! Two new colorways and a fresh new cat with golden cherry blossoms! Purrfect for all your small projects.

HR3260 - Flower`s Poetry

Featuring classic kimono flower designs, these beautiful vibrant flowers will captivate your imagination, ?all with our amazing metallic gold.

HR3250 - KOI

Did you know the Koi was the traditional symbol of Boy°«s Day in Japan?
The most spirited of fish, full of determination and power this is a gorgeous collection featuring brilliant gold metallic.

HR3240 - Tora

The ferocious tiger will captivate your attention.Coupled with the bamboo and grasses for some much needed calmness. "The collection uses both silver and gold metallic and the distinctive colorways it will inspire your creativity.

HR3230 - ModernMovement2

Inspired by traditional Japanese flowers and nature illustrated in contemporary style and shades.The collection features Japanese Apricot, Wisteria, Camellia, clouds and waves moving like a breeze in spring.Printed with gold metallic.

Dear Little World This newest collection of 40 divine shades is the perfect blender to use with all the Quilt Gate Collections. Dear Little World Collection will also stand on it's own; the delicate pattern and scrumptious shades for all your quilting and craft projects.

LW1970 -Little Bunny

These are the cutest little bunnies; each one is so expressive.
They are a playful bunch; frolicking to and fro.
Singing, dancing, and in the tea-cups!
Intertwined with lovely floral bouquets, colorways so soft and gentle like these bunnies themselves.

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