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Mary Rose Collection Various kinds of beautiful & elegant rose motif patterns are the heart of this series. The inspiration for this series comes from antique European designs. These prints are evocative of a sweet European nostalgia and have a gorgeous floral imagery.

RU2400 -Classic Library 2

A revival collection of one of QUILT GATE best sellers ever, a variety of antique-designed roses. You will love the tone of its classic and beautiful colors.

RU2390 -Blooming Rose

Designs inspired by spring breeze and pretty bouquets.Charming and lovely colors for everyone.

RU2380 -Marie

Roses express Marie Antoinette and her brilliant ancient times.Design her favorite shoes and folding fans as her images.
Lovely colors are inspired by her elegant dress.

Gentle Flowers A really beautiful collection of gentle & calm color designs.
They are natural & soft traditional flower prints to suit every mood.

GF5130 - Aromatic Gardens

Large and small beautiful, delicate and refined flowers with detailed drawing. Express a season of harvest by rich, well-saturated colors.

HYAKKA RYORAN This series consists of old & traditional kimono style prints , you can see both very gorgeous komono lines & ,also traditional chic designs which evoke a nostalgic feeling of Japan.

HR3350 - Karajishibotan

Karajishi (Ancient Asian lion) and Botan (A flower or peony) are a perfect match of beautiful art in Japan for hundreds of years. Both splendid and bold images make gold details more gorgeous and brilliant.

HR3340 - Suzune

Design the beauty of fancy Japanese bells.Fully Inspired by traditional Japanese women°«s clothes,°»Kimono°…

Dear Little World This newest collection of 40 divine shades is the perfect blender to use with all the Quilt Gate Collections. Dear Little World Collection will also stand on it's own; the delicate pattern and scrumptious shades for all your quilting and craft projects.

LW2010 -Little Kittens

Let°«s start a fun kitten party time!! Kittens love to play and everyone loves their cute, happy faces. You can select from stripes, party-mix, dots and sketch drawings.

LW2000 -Margaret&Sophie3

A lovely sister, Margaret and Sophie are back with a kitten, Pepe and a puppy, Popo!!
Classic and colorful arts of patchwork, bias plaid, sitting cuties and strawberry are very nice for what you make.

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