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MS7020,MS7030 -Margaret &Sophie 6 LOVE Strawberry

Margaret and Sophie has released the 6th collection with your big loves for years! MS7020-11 [Let's go on a picnic. (Panel print)] MS7030-12 [Strawberry picking.] MS7030-13 [Nine patch of pattern Margaret & Sophie.] MS7030-14 [Pepe & Popo love Strawberry, too. ] MS7030-15 [Strawberry Gingham.] It has large volume of 5 patterns! It's cute to see what a fun time a fun time Margaret and Sophie are having going out for picnics and strawberry picking! You can make patchwork designs by mixing the panel print(MS7020-11) and nine patch(MS7030-13).

puni puni CANDY

PN1300 -punipuni Candy3

A fluffy and special cute trio pattern has been created with a new design. [Happy candy] PN1300-11 Lily, Mia, and Coo seem to like candy. Their face look so happy! [Cookies march] PN1300-12 A parade of colorful cute cookies. [Candy dream] PN1300-13 We want to be buried in lots of candy! ! Their dream has come true. A dream-like pattern filled with colorful candies.

Mary Rose Collection Various kinds of beautiful & elegant rose motif patterns are the heart of this series. The inspiration for this series comes from antique European designs. These prints are evocative of a sweet European nostalgia and have a gorgeous floral imagery.

RU2460 -Classic Library3

The third edition of the archive collection features elegant, deep color palettes with classical flower designs.
Chic roses are loved all the time.

RU2470 -Rose belle

ROSEBELLE series expresses feminine and elegant taste. A gorgeous combination of the iconic, refined roses and “Belle” meaning beautiful and wonderful in French, has feminine and elegante taste. A gorgeous combination of the iconic, refined roses and “Belle” meaning beautiful and wonderful in French, has feminine and elegante taste. This is a series of roses, loved and cherished throughout all ages, remaining timeless and ever-beloved.

Gentle Flowers A really beautiful collection of gentle & calm color designs.They are natural & soft traditional flower prints to suit every mood.

GF5160 - Dried Flowers

This season’s theme is dried flowers, it is easy to use even for adult. This pattern with a delicate touch of the natural motif. It has traditional mood, and the deep dyeing gives. We recommend for a wide variety of purposes such as clothes and patchwork. It features a calm color coordination of beige, bordeaux/ burgundy, khaki, navy, and charcoal.

GF5150 - Holy Night

“Rose garden” and “Damask” are best prints for the Christmas season ever! Lucent gold arts will get you more excited in the holiday seasons. Why don’t you explore making cartonnage, dress or draped bag with frills?

HYAKKA RYORAN This series consists of old & traditional kimono style prints , you can see both very gorgeous komono lines & ,also traditional chic designs which evoke a nostalgic feeling of Japan.

HR3440 - Tatsu(辰)

The new design inspired by next year’s Chinese Zodiac sign(Dragon),“Dragon Water Pattern” and “Cloud Dragon”. The appearance of the Dragon rising to the sky means success such as promotion. In Japan, for boy born in the year of the Dragon, this pattern is chosen as a gift as a lucky charm to wish for the success of the child.

HR3460 - 吉祥文様

「An auspicious omen motif」 It used an auspicious omens motif with traditional Japanese design. [Folding fan] [Bucket for clamshells] [Flying cranes]

HR3450 - 猫MINI

We have released the very popular HYAKKA RYORAN black cat pattern. The design is 50% smaller than previous design of "cat and peony" "cat and wisteria" and we added a new color. So it's easier to make small purse, wallets, or Japanese accessories.

HR3430 -「華と動物」

This season’s theme is flowers and animals and three artworks, “Peony and cat”, Camellia and shiba-inu dog” and “Maple and deer” are released. Gorgeous animals with gold accents are very eye-catchy and good for your bag, Japanese-taste accessories and more.

HR3410 -「猫×藤」

Our cat collection is now everyone’s favorite and the best seller of QUILT GATE!! A combination of black cats and Japanese wisteria creates an original, lovely design world. It should not be easy to select from seven color ways.

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