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Mary Rose Collection Various kinds of beautiful & elegant rose motif patterns are the heart of this series. The inspiration for this series comes from antique European designs. These prints are evocative of a sweet European nostalgia and have a gorgeous floral imagery.

RU2370 -Roses in Paris

Roses, Paris, and the Eiffel Tower define romance.?
5 lovely colorways with coordinating roses make endless color combinations for all your projects.

RU2360 -Isabella

Keeping with our Victorian era theme we bring you Isabella.
This collection features dramatic shades and elegant designs with framed romantic pictorials and our everlasting beautiful roses.

RU2350 -Suzonne

Suzonne, is our elegant French lady.Inspired by romantic European painting of French gardens this a beautiful sophisticated collection.

Gentle Flowers A really beautiful collection of gentle & calm color designs.
They are natural & soft traditional flower prints to suit every mood.

GF5120 - Lakewood

The delicately etched flowers are so peaceful.Calm and serene in harmony with nature.5 patterns, 5 colorways.

HYAKKA RYORAN This series consists of old & traditional kimono style prints , you can see both very gorgeous komono lines & ,also traditional chic designs which evoke a nostalgic feeling of Japan.

HR3330 - USAGI

With a mix of kawii and tradition our new Usagi Collection will delight.
The happy Usagi (rabbit) dances through time.

HR3320 - Õű Indigo ≠∂

First dyed solid blue, then discharge printed revealing the white design.?
The fabric; a canvas finished to the softest touch.
6 traditional Japanese designs used for centuries, beautiful in their simplicity
°÷Asanoha°◊ Hemp leaf
°÷Mameshibori°◊ Bean straight
°÷Seikaiha°◊ Wave
°÷Yagasuri°◊ Arrows
°÷Kiku°◊ Chrysanthemum
°÷Shima°◊ Stripe

HR3310 - Chiyogami≠∂

Chiyogami is paper printed in traditional Japanese patterns.Chiyogami's vivid patterns and colors will touch your heart.
Printed with Gold metallic. 6 patterns, 5 colorways.

HR3290 - 1000Tsuru≠∂

All new cranes flying high in the sky. Traditional, stunning patterns and colorways. Printed with gold metallic. 5 patterns, 5 colorways.

HR3280 - Hana Zukushi

Full of spender, overflowing with flowers this collection is inspired from traditional floral kimono designs.Bold and daring colors made complete with gold metallic.

HR3110 - Neko

More Neko revival! Two new colorways and a fresh new cat with golden cherry blossoms! Purrfect for all your small projects.

Dear Little World This newest collection of 40 divine shades is the perfect blender to use with all the Quilt Gate Collections. Dear Little World Collection will also stand on it's own; the delicate pattern and scrumptious shades for all your quilting and craft projects.

LW1980 -Matryoshka

This collection is based on the original drawing by famous Russian Artist Maria-Dmitrieva.
It is a charming Matryoshka World filled with this kind face.

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