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Rose collection G. Flowers Hyakka Ryoran And more

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What's New

* RU2250-Rose Collection ~Color Story~ (pattern# 11〜15)

The Newest addition to the RURU Bouquet Collection is ~Color Story~ it's bright&lively.A fantasy world of color& roses.
Let your creative senses flow in your sewing, quilting, and home decor projects.

* LW1909-Dear Little World ~Bambino~ (pattern# 11〜15)

Bambino, our new addition to the Dear Little World Collection features the Cutest group of playful baby animals you have ever seen! Cheerfully they frolic with the flowers, pok-a-dots, and lace in happy pastel shades.

* RU2240-Rose Collection ~Natural Tone~ (pattern# 11〜13)

This collection adds an element of luxury, made in a cotton and linen blend.
The elegant floral and vintage label designs printed in sophisticated Natural colorways make this collection ideal for home decor.

* RU2230-Rose Collection ~Rose Perfume~ (pattern# 11〜20)

Vintage perfume bottles coupled with a delicate profusion of roses. Let the sweet scent of roses engulf your senses with this beautiful collection.

* HR3120-Hyakka Ryoran ~Obi~ (pattern# 11〜17)

This collection is inspired by the Obi; the elegant sash of kimonos.
Highly decorative with traditional Japanese themes and shining metallic GOLD.

* HR3110-Hyakka Ryoran ~Neko~ (pattern# 12〜15)

Neko, Japanese for “cat”. Our highly expressive felines presented in traditional kimono designs & colorways entice you into their “Neko World”.

* GF5970-G.Flower ~Shadow Flower~ (pattern# 11〜17)

This dramatic collection has the feeling of an antique photo with subtle gradations from light of dark.
The designs are sophisticated yet calming to the eye of the beholder.

* LW1908-Dear Little World ~Margaret&Sophie~ (pattern# 11〜16)

Two new buddies join our “Dear Little World” collection.
Margaret&Sophie are irresistible, they have a love for flowers, fasion, kittens And each other. And so will you!


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